Criminal Matters

Our Law Firm is renowned for defending complex criminal cases at various courts and statutory forums, apart from providing guidance and advice regarding statutory compliance to its clients. The wide range of advisory and litigation services include:

  • Violation of various provisions of Indian Penal Code.
  • Offences of Domestic Violence & Dowry Demand.
  • Offences relating to Construction and Infrastructure development under various authorities such as RERA, Apartment & Property Regulation, Environment, Water & Air Pollution Laws.
  • Cheating & Banking Frauds.
  • Offences relating to Cyber Crimes & Information Technology Act.
  • Offences relating to Prevention of Money Laundering Act.
  • Offences under the Foreign Exchange Management Act.
  • Penal provisions under the Companies Act.
  • Penal provisions under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.
  • Offences under Prevention of Corruption Act.
  • Offences relating to Transplant of Human Organs and Tissues Act.
  • Offences relating to Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act.
  • Offences relating to Labour Laws.
  • Offences relating to Mines and Minerals Act.
  • Offences relating to Negotiable Instruments Act.
  • Offences relating to Excise Act.
  • Offences under Essential Commodities Act.
  • Offences under Insecticides Act.
  • Offences under Electricity Act.
  • Offences relating to Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.
  • Offences under POCSO Act.
  • Offences under Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

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