Criminal Laws

WE have been successfully handling various types of criminal matters for our various individual clients as well as for corporate clients especially in the following matters pertaining to:
  • Criminal Misappropriation of funds;
  • Criminal Breach of Trust and criminal conspiracy;
  • Dishonour of Cheque under N.I.Act.
  • Forgery and mischief;
  • Various economic offences punishable under SEBI, FEMA,  Passport Act, Immigration Act etc.;
  • Offence related to marriage viz. (a) Offence unusable under Dowry Act (b) Domestic violence Act (c) 498A, 406 IPC etc.
  • Offence related to Drugs punishable under NDPS Act;
  • Sexual offences;
  • Offences against the state;
  • Offence against the public tranquillity and public justice;
  • Offence related to weights and measure, public health, safety, decency and morals;
  • Offences affecting human body (viz. murder, suicide, dowry death, causing death by negligence, rape, kidnapping, unnatural sex etc;
  • Offence related to property, viz. theft, robbery, extortion, cheating, breach of trust, misappropriation of properties etc.
  • and other offences punishable under the code of Indian Penal;
We proved legal services (prosecution as well as defence) to our client at every level from registration of case to its final disposing off.
It includes various services viz.:-
  • Legal Help in making registration of FIR or Criminal Complaint, under  498A, 406, Domestic Violence Act, Dowry Prohibition Act etc.
  • Filing of Criminal complaint before Police station or magistrate under section 190, 200, 156(3) Of code of Criminal procedure 1973;
  • Filing and arguing of anticipatory bail applications before court of session an High Courts;
  • Filing of Regular Bail before Criminal Courts;
  • Filing of Revision, Appeal, Criminal Writ, petition under sec.482 of Cr.P.C. against the acquittal / conviction.
  • Criminal Trial before magistrate or court of session;
  • Filing/defending  complaint under section 138 of N. I. Act before magistrate.
  • Filing / defending the criminal complaint under various provisions and sections of Indian Penal Code, Companies Act, Factories Act, Food Adulteration Act, passport Act, NDPS Act, Arms Act etc.